sábado, 2 de enero de 2016

January 1st, 2016

Hello everyone!

You probably don’t know me, for if you do I’d feel mostly awkward… Right, good start! My name’s Andrea and I am 26 years old. I’ll be 27 soon, in 120 days to be exact.

I’ve always been overweight, ever since I was a child. When I was a kid, I remember being the tallest of the class. I will tell you a short story about how once, the P.E teacher made us rearrange ourselves according to our weight and I just tried to escape to avoid doing so...

I’ve always been in that wide range from ‘overweight to fat’. As a kid, I remember being 44kilos in second grade, SECOND GRADE. Even though I have always been tall, I refuse to characterize myself as big boned. I don’t even think that exists.

As puberty finally finished, it turned out I was not thaaaaaaaat fat. I was overweight but with the confidence of a professional model. I always knew what to wear to cover my belly and arms and to make the most of my boobs and hips, because you know girls… hips don’t lie ♪

My friends and I make a total of 7 girls and let me tell you something: that is SCARY. When we got to the clubs, it was a never ending line of girls entering the club, posing, seeing who was there and who was not… and being the fattest of the line was not cool for my confidence, although I gave no shit. When they talked about clothes, they talked about shops in which I would never try as I knew I would not fit. I am talking about Zara, Mango, Bershka and all those Hellish Inditext stores. They are a Spanish brand with bad quality fabric but expensive prices which make it look like luxury clothes even though it is shitty clothing but oh well, they bought there. I would buy somewhere else: New Yorker, H&M, Primark… But I was always happy with my decisions and I definitely looked well. Now I see the pictures and OH MY GOD, but who’s not ashamed of their past? Fashion in the 00s was… well… let’s just say complicated, okay? J

In 2013, I could get to lose 15 kilos: it was FAN-TAS-TIC. Why did I got fat again? Good question. I decided to work in the USA as an aupair for 6 months. BIG MISTAKE for my body but after 2 years I am still (fat and) grateful I went there: traveling opens your mind in a way you cannot even imagine!

Right so, I got to have a normal BMI in 2013 but ever since then I have been gaining more and more weight. HEY! HALT! I was talking about my friends and I and how small they made me feel because I couldn’t fit in a Euro Size 36 – 38, which comes to be a 6- 8 US size. Do you remember how I said my confidence was enough to overcome such comments? (They never said I did not fit but it was implied… look and compare our legs!) When I look back to the past, to my twenties, I come to realize I am the one with the most successful sex life. Boys let me understand what girls wish but never do: personality is more important. I was funny, flirty, cool, extrovert and I did not care about silly things like skinny bitches talking about ridiculously small sizes. I would talk about things that really matter to me. Look if I don’t fit in a 36-38 size, I will fit in other size and if I don’t have those trousers in my size, FUCK THE STORE, I’LL BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE!

That is what I thought back then, and that is what I still think nowadays. However, it is true that my BMI is elevated. 

So, even though I still think it is okay if I don’t fit in those teeny weeny jeans, I feel it necessary to lose some weight, to be healthier. Being this overweight (I don’t look obese… I really don’t), is not healthy and my back hurts, my feet hurts and I don’t want that.

That is why, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to start this funny diary and I invite all of you to follow me through this enriching experience.

·     I want to eat healthy.
·     I want to exercise.
·     I need to be patient.
·     I need to be constant.
·     I will not give up.

I hope one day I can read at all this and laugh and say: hey, WE DID IT!
Feel free to comment and to give me your impressions!
Keep in touch!

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