martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

Day 2.

Today was an okay day. Not bright. Not bad. I had real fun with my mates, though and that was cool. I'm an elementary school teacher and we were even stupidly dancing at the teachers' staff room. However, once again I ended up really tired. The thing is also my mood, but it will get better... eventually. Hopefully...

Anyway, I had a massage scheduled for 7pm and it was nice. She helps me with my back. All my muscles get too tight from stress so she massages my back, neck and head manually, which is the best way for the muscles to recover. She is one of those people who associate the pain in certain areas with different types of problems in your life... For instance, the upper back means stress with your professional life, the middle back means problems with yourself (lack of self-love, confidence or whatever), whereas the hips means stress with important matters. The right side of your body represents the male side so if it hurts it means you're having problems with your dad, your husband or whatever... and the left side, which is guided by the right side of the brain, represents the feminine side,

My diet was great today, with a total of 1247Kcal. I just hope to have the strength. I am not using a scale since it depresses me so I tried my super tight size 34 Pepe Jeans and I will try them again in 15 days. We'll see!

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